Hello milestone…goodbye milestone!

Just a quick update:

So, at the end of last week, I was sitting right on the cusp of a pretty important milestone for me.  Crossing the 200 mark.  I do not weigh in very often as a rule, but knowing I was so close had me quite curious what the scale would say today!  I don’t have a scale at home, so I use the one at school.  It is like the ones they weigh you on at the doctor’s office.  I hopped up on it and for the first time in a VERY long time put that dial to 150 (not 200!) and went up from there.  It stopped sooner than I expected it to and I thought, “This can’t be right!”.  I made sure I readjusted myself, getting my feet nice and straight, and it stayed where it was!  I couldn’t belive it!  I weigh 195!!!  Hot diggity dog!!

I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to pick out anything in my closet and have it falling off of me or to be able to wear heels to church, but mostly it feels great to feel alive!  I have been a slug for so long and to have the kind of energy I have now is amazing and freeing! I feel like I can do anything!  I guess I need a new milestone goal, now.  I could get used to this.

6 comments on “Hello milestone…goodbye milestone!

  1. Brian says:

    Well done. I need to find me some of that will power. I remember having it briefly in my early twenties.

  2. Minichick says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!!! If you haven’t seen this yet, take a look. This will bolster your commitment higher than it already is, and continue to push you forward. There’s only one day left to watch this for free, so you’ll need to watch it as soon as possible.


    • Holly says:

      Thanks! I watched this on Friday night. Next up is Food Matters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

      • Minichick says:

        My family has watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and really liked it. I haven’t watched Food Matters yet, but Netflix has it on their instant watch, so I’ll watch it soon. I must say, that although a lot of the films on nutrition lean towards a vegetarian/vegan point of view, the information is still good. All of us need to improve our intake of vegetables, and clean up our diets in general. I, and those of us who are not vegetarian/vegan, simply know that also improving the quality of our meat is included in this whole concept of “cleaning” up our diet. I did like that Hungry for change did at least give a nod to eating clean meat/dairy products as part of their sourcing quality foods segment. At least they acknowledged, even if in a small way, that not everyone is going to stop eating meat, and if you’re not, at least eat meat/dairy that is of good quality. Meat eater, or not, the message is really the same…clean up your diet, find healthier sources of food, and most importantly, stop eating processed food.

        I think, regardless of our standpoint of what constitutes a healthy diet, we need to work together on the common ground of at least working towards getting our society to stop eating processed foods and to begin eating real food, regardless of what one’s real food diet consists of. That’s a truth that we can all stand side by side on, and give support to.

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