I have wanted to do CrossFit for a long time now, and we actually had one open up like 5 miles from my house.  I have no excuses anymore.  It is too convenient, and I am seriously stoked!  Instead of lugging around a notebook, I am keeping track here.

WOD #1  Tabata 4-14-12 (CrossFit Manvel open house)

kettlebell 10

Push ups (wall mod) 10

Wall balls (6 lb) 10

He told me to count how many reps of each I did, but I couldn’t breathe so that kinda took priority. I have no idea other than I did 10 of each on the 1st round. The next day I couldn’t walk. Literally.

WOD #2 “Cindy” 4-16-12  We only did 10 minutes because we are all CrossFit newbies.  Baby steps, y’all.

5 pullups (ring rows) ~seemed a little too easy, will step it up next time

10 push-ups (knee mod) ~tough!

15 squats ~given that I was still having considerable difficulty walking, I did pretty good!

5×19 ( I was pretty proud of this and even feel like I could have done better!)

WOD #3 4-18-12

Warm up: deadlifts 5-5-5 (45 lbs)

5 rounds

10 wall balls (6 lb)

10 pull ups (ring rows)

1 min rest between rounds


Felt like I pulled something in my thigh, but went ahead and pushed through, stretching at every rest. Rings were lower this time and seemed a little more difficult. 45 lb deadlift was pretty good, but could do more weight. Try heavier wall ball next time.

WOD #4 4-20-12 (Yes, it’s a Friday night!)

Warm up:  Group/Burgener

Strength/skill: Power Cleans

AMRAMP in 15minutes  4+9

5 power cleans (35 lbs)

10 burpees

15 sit-ups (abmat)

Burpees suck! Seriously.  Felt great afterwards, though!

WOD #5  4-23-12

7 of us there tonight

Warm-up: Group (outside high knees/Burgener

WOD: Wittman  *20 min limit* 20:08 (he let me finish)

7 rounds

15 kettlebell swings (18 lb)

15 power cleans (45 lbs.)

15 box jumps (two 45’s stacked)

Box jumps are one of the two things (burpees were the other) I had been really worried about with my knee (I have stage 3/4 osteoarthritis in my right knee) but it went ok.  I stacked two 45# weights and jumped onto those, so it wasn’t too high. Started with 3, but removed one. I can’t imagine jumping onto a 20″ box.  I felt like I was going to puke afterwards and was “headache hot”. I get migraines when I overheat, and this is the first workout where I came home with a headache.  Bummer.  It is bad enough, I am going to take some medicine. Could have done a higher # kettlebell. It will be fun to do this WOD again down the line to see the improvement.  It is amazing how much stronger I already feel!!

WOD: 4-25-12 Filthy 50, Dirty 30 or Terrible 20 (I did the terrible 20!)  20 reps of each with a 20 min time limit

Box jumps (stacked 3 #45 plates)

Jumping Pull-ups (could not get my chin over the bar and had a lot of trouble holding onto the bar with sweaty palms)

KB swings (upped the weight to a 24 lb kb)

Walking lunges (used a pvc for balance and to help with my knee)

Knees to elbow (again lots of trouble holding on!)

Push Press (#45)

Good mornings (#45)

Wall Balls (upped the # to 10)

Burpees (still suck ass.)

Double unders or singles (did 40 singles)

My time was 14:44!!

Felt freaking fantastic afterwards!

Friday 4-27-12 no workout  ~~Knee was really sore and swollen after Wednesday and is still tight as of Sunday, 4-29.  I think I will have to lay off of box jumps and will stick to step ups for a while. Will be back at it tomorrow, though!

Monday 4-30-12

My knee is still jacked but I did not want to miss another day.

WOD for time  (25 minute cut-off) 13:59 (missing 600 m, though)

800m Run (only did 200 because my knee was hurting)

21 Power cleans (35 lbs)

400 m Run (did 400, knee felt better)

21 powercleans

200m Run

21 power cleans

*Do higher weight on power cleans next time. walk and run if need be.

~after WOD Treat (courtesy of Coach Ryan)

Tabata ~ front squats (did 10 each rep)

Knee is tight but actually feels a little better since I got home.

WOD 5-1-12 Coach Lauren

21 Push Press (33lb bar)

21 sit ups (abmat)

18 push press

18 sit ups

15 push press

15 sit ups

12 push press

12 situps

9 push press

9 sit ups

6 push press

6 sit ups

for time ~10:50~

arms felt pretty worn out

WOD 5-3-12  Coach Ryan

strength ~front squats 45lb 5-5-5

40 kb swings(18#)

10 box jumps (i did step ups)

30 kb

20 step ups

20 kb

30 step ups

10 kb

40 step ups

for time ~9:04~

do higher weight kb!  Need a 16 inch box. My box only has 20 or 24 right now.


WOD 5-7-12

4 rounds for time

400mm run

50 double unders (yeah, right! I did 100 singles)

25 push-ups (knee mod)

25:08 got cut-off and I got through to 18 singles on the last round.  I ended up beet-freaking red again! This time though, I cam home, walked straight to the pool and jumped in…clothes and all! It helped. Cardio + Heat + me = love triangle that doesn’t end well!

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