How to Eat Paleo

How do I eat Paleo?  Well, it is really pretty simple.  Eat real food.  If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it.  You don’t have to read labels, because most of what you will eat doesn’t come with a label.  When I first started eating Paleo, I devoured tons of information.  The first thing I read was this post by Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make The Girl.  Her entire site is full of wonderful information and delicious recipes.  In fact, I very quickly ordered her cookbook, Well Fed.  From there, I read books, scoured the Paleo blogs that are out there and collected a wealth of information. It did not take long to catch on.  Like I said, it’s really very simple.  I encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions, but for those of you that like your information quick and to the point…here is a cool graphic.



2 comments on “How to Eat Paleo

  1. Heather Wolfe says:

    Hi Holly, My friend Dara is friends with you and was bragging about your story. Great job!!! I started CrossFit 2weeks ago, I did my elements the first week and just started on the 11th paleo and CrossFit four times a week I’ve lost 8lbs just this week. I have questions with a couple of things if you could email me at babydollmclain@

  2. This is an AWESOME infographic – I love it! I’m more of a “primal” diet person, but I love paleo’s focus on whole foods and sustainable food choices (pasture raised animals, etc). This is such a great, colorful, inspiring introduction to paleo

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